The fine choice of the profile to determine the geometry of the floor


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Sibiu, Romania

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Realization of the internal floor of a new home in Sibiu, Romania

The fine choice of the profile to determine the geometry of the floor

We are in Sibiu in Romania, near the famous Dracula castle, in a newly built residence.

We asked Supertech, the resale of building materials, what the customer's need was and how it was solved. Here is what they told us during the interview:

“The interior designer was looking for an original solution for laying the parquet, above all to finish the final part of the floor in an elegant and minimal way, as well as the delimitation of the columns present.

We recommended the Linetec AD floor profile. These profiles split floors on the same level, offering a discreet visible surface of only 5 mm. Furthermore, not protruding from the floor, it is more long-lasting and above all can be sanded. It seemed to us the best choice as it combines discreet aesthetics with the practicality of those who will then live the house.

The designer chose the natural brass profile that best matched the warm tones of the wood."

The fine final effect with the brass profile

Casa privata | Linetec AD

The profile made it possible to close the perimeter of the floor in a truly original way, visually connecting two different poses. Usually the steps along the perimeter of the floor determined by columns are always critical points and often ruin the aesthetic impact. In this case we have chosen to transform this as a strong point, bringing the geometry of the column on the floor with the profile.

The results achieved

Approximately 15 meters of natural brass Linetec AD14ON profile were laid, with the visible part being 5mm in size and 14mm in profile height.

The work was carried out in a workmanlike manner and the customer was also very satisfied with the result.

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