draintec 3

DRAINTEC 3 draining membrane for sloping systems

DRAINTEC 3 draining membrane for sloping systems

DRAINTEC 3, drainage membrane to be applied over a sloping system. In just 3 mm, it guarantees the flow of water between the waterproofing and the gravel or crushed stone layer. The perforated polyethylene sheath is suitable to protect the waterproofing from the overlying layer of gravel. An economic load-resistant system that allows you to stop the ascent by capillarity, protect the waterproofing sheath and ensure the flow of infiltration water. Ideal for balconies and outdoor walkways.

Advantages using DRAINTEC 3:

Advantages deriving from the application of the DRAINTEC 3 system: • Extends the life of the tiles • Protects traditional waterproofing • It reduces the deterioration of the structures avoiding the efflorescence and the detachment of the coating • Solves the problem of water over-pressures and consequent cracks • Ensures thermo-acoustic insulation by constituting a 3 mm air gap

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  • Perforated drainage membrane for gravel laying. Ventilation and screeding separation

    Polyethylene /
    H (mm) Art.
    3 DRAINTEC 3

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