Skirting boards and corner protections

An extensive range of technical skirtings offering an alternative to traditional wood and ceramic profiles. Designed to provide functional solutions while maintaining aesthetic appeal, the skirtings are durable and resistant to damp conditions. In addition, the aluminium range of skirtings provides the additional benefit of hiding low voltage cabling such as telephone, TV and computer wires. Ideal for a wide range of interior environments in both the contract and domestic markets. The range of dual-coloured skirtings offers a wide range of colour combinations providing a match for almost any interior. A range of co-ordinating dual-coloured wall protection strips, for protection against damage from both wheeled and pedestrian traffic completes the range, ideal for a wide range of interiors from healthcare to commercial. The new Plano Design has revolutionized the concept of skirting, with an element developed to be installed as part of the wall, giving a fully coordinated finish to both the wall and floor and becoming an integral element of the design.