PP Flat DIY profiles

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PP Flat DIY profiles

DIY PP PROFILES are a range of flat profiles in anodized aluminum 6'7" - 2 meters long which are used as finishing profiles after installation.

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  • DIY - PP profiles in Anodized Aluminum

    Generic flat profile in Anodized Aluminum. Available in Silver (AS), Gold (AO) or Bronze (AB) finish. Thickness of 3/32" (2 mm), ideal for DIY.

    H = mm Art. Finishing Color
    12 PP 12X2 AS Anodized Silver
    15 PP 15X2 AS Anodized Silver
    20 PP 20X2 AS Anodized Silver
    25 PP 25X2 AS Anodized Silver
    30 PP 30X2 AS Anodized Silver
    12 PP 12X2 AO Anodized Gold
    15 PP 15X2 AO Anodized Gold
    20 PP 20X2 AO Anodized Gold
    25 PP 25X2 AO Anodized Gold
    30 PP 30X2 AO Anodized Gold
    12 PP 12X2 AB Anodized Bronze
    15 PP 15X2 AB Anodized Bronze
    20 PP 20X2 AB Anodized Bronze
    25 PP 25X2 AB Anodized Bronze
    30 PP 30X2 AB Anodized Bronze

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