We set out to manufacture profiles and installation systems for wall and floor coverings because, when our company was born, they didn’t exist.

We wanted to be the first to do so, but also the best, in terms of quality, form and function.

We wanted to be the first choice of professionals, satisfy their expectations, and go well beyond.

That’s what we set out to do,
and this is Profilitec today:






Countries in the world

A partner.
You don’t need just a simple supplier.

There are many suppliers out there, but only a few are partners who stand right by your side

How are we your partner? By studying your needs and offering solutions and systems that resolve real problems. We make products for the installation of wall and floor coverings that are easy to use, durable, versatile and with undisputable quality, whilst guaranteeing fast delivery times, offering punctual and reliable assistance, collaborating with you to personalize products and solutions which other companies, be it because of size, lack of production organization or manufacturing capability, are not able to provide.

All this because we know the job of the installer, the reseller, the architect and the contractor, each one with their own specific needs and priorities.

We are not far away, we are nearby: at the construction site, in the showroom… by your side, ready to hand you the product or system you need at the time you need it.

Excellent logistics: never wait for your products.

Millions of feet of profiles in the warehouse, ready for delivery, aiming to process all of you orders within 48 hours

This means that we’re able to give you the right product, at the right time, at the right place (even at the job site), in the quantity and timing you prefer. It’s a supply chain you can count on, with precise delivery worldwide: we serve more than 10'000 clients in 90 countries with 7'000 products.

For the resellers who choose to partner with us, this translates into:
+ service + speed + simplicity and precision in order management

This is why we have invested heavily in logistics, equipping it with platforms such as the WMS (Warehouse Management System)

The future for us has a positive profile

We are in it to add value to the market, to our customers, to make a contribution to the construction industry

In fact, the + symbol is a key feature of our communication and represent Profilitec’s vision for the future. We are positive, ethical and propositive. We want that our solutions + your professionalism give superior, state-of-the-art results. In our quest to reach this objective we like to think that every idea, even the most ambitious, can become a reality. For the clients who choose Profilitec, tailor-made products will no longer be a utopia, but real-life solutions to real-life problems. All of this can happen, when a company that has innovation in its DNA meets a client with big dreams…