Coflex CAJP

COFLEX CAJP edging expansion joints in pvc

COFLEX CAJP edging expansion joints in pvc

CAJP is a Perimeter "invisible" expansion joint for floors. The perimeter joint has only one sheared flap (the part that is installed under the tiles) and therefore can be installed close to the wall in the junction with the floor. It offers the advantage given the very small size of the upper part (5 mm) of being not very evident and of being almost confused with the joint. It is extremely elastic and compressible and it is recommended for most ceramic floors. Made of co-extruded synthetic material, with a soft exposed part and stiffer fixing flange. Designed for splitting large tiled areas into smaller areas. Plastic is sufficiently resistant to most of the chemical agents present at the time of installation, wear, time and UV rays. They always maintain good flexibility and resistance to attack by fungi and bacteria. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use: they offer limited protection at the edge of the coating. Suggested modules: 16 m² (see UNI 11499: 2013 standard) in case of stable surfaces. Typical application situation: shops, recreational areas such as hotels, sports centers and schools.

Dilatation joints COFLEX CAJP installation

INSTALLATION: • Choose a joint with a height exactly equal to the thickness of the tile. The joint must in no case protrude from the surface of the coating but must be less than 0.5 ÷ 1 mm. • Apply the adhesive normally with the trowel. • Position the joint at the level of the existing screed cut (if it does not exist, cut the screed for at least 2/3 of its thickness). • Proceed with the laying of the tiles along the flanges of the joint, bringing them to the level of the profile, taking care that the latter are solidly anchored and sunk into the adhesive. • Fill the gap between the tile and the profile with the appropriate mortar.

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