Jointec GRL

JOINTEC GRL modular structural joints

JOINTEC GRL modular structural joints

Modular structural joints with rotation movement between the metal wings and the synthetic rubber insert. Designed to withstand structural movements of large or compound buildings. They must be installed at the spaces existing between two semi-attached parts making up the same building or between two different spans. They are able to connect these spaces allowing vertical, horizontal and transversal movements, depending on the settlements of the building, be they cyclic or permanent. Within the modules created by the structural joints, however, a further fractionation of the surface with a lattice of fraction joints must always be provided, depending on the type of passage provided on the surface.

How to install joints JOINTEC GRL

INSTALLATION: • Slide the central metal insert into the side flanges. • Snap the synthetic rubber insert into the profile before aligning and positioning the expansion joint on site. • If necessary, protect the rubber insert with masking tape. • Anchor the side flanges with appropriate screws, 30cm on center, on both sides of the profile. • Lay mortar bed over the side flanges, and install the tiles as normal.

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