squarejolly SJ

SQUAREJOLLY SJ: square shape trims

SQUAREJOLLY SJ: square shape trims

Squarejolly SJ is a multipurpose aluminium profile used in laying adhesive ceramic floor and wall coverings. Its uniquely symmetrical shape lends itself to endless detailing possibilities. In the technical specs, H corresponds to the tile thickness and B = H + 1mm corresponds to the visible width of the profile. In the aluminium version, a patented internal cavity with a dovetail groove maximizes vertical grout grip and edge protection. The sectional design of the SQUAREJOLLY SJ profile provides a completely leveled surface, making it resistant to vertical loads and perfectly suitable for flooring applications.

How SJ models can be used

SQUAREJOLLY SJ is a multipurpose profile with a wide range of applications: • Leveled flooring intersections • Decorative accent bands • Wall tile contouring • Entrance mat framing • skirting finishing and edging • Stair nosing

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