Profiles for joining thin floor types

Thin floors such as LVT, thin tiles or mosaic require special profiles. Profilitec has created thin profiles that are installed to connect floors of the same thickness, trim or even compensate for possible level differences between floors.
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Profiles for joining thin floor types

In a building, the floors are often different from one room to another, and surfaces of different thicknesses may be present. For this very reason, thin profiles, including end, joint, transition and separation profiles for low thickness floors, have been designed. Mosaictec SJM is the perfect example to represent this type of profile; its multiple features allow it to integrate perfectly into thin floors such as mosaics.

Thin profiles for unmatched precision

In the art of installation, precision is essential, especially when installing very thin floors where greater attention is required. In line with the thickness of the tile, the profiles must also be thin and refined in order to match perfectly. The particular care with which the profiles for thin floors are made is highlighted by the quality of the finishes in which they are available, adapting precisely to the unique qualities of thin floors, such as mosaics.

Solving uneven floors with thin profiles

When installing floors, you can easily come across uneven surfaces due to combinations of different materials. Gradually following the height difference between floors ensures edge protection and safety, reducing the risk of tripping or cracking the tile edge.