Protective profiles for balconies

The edges of the terraces and tiled floors outdoors must be protected with special profiles, to prevent them from being damaged by impacts, water infiltration or severe bad weather. We offer different proposals depending on the need, both in aluminum and in stainless steel.
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Protection for the edges of balconies and terraces

Balconies and terraces are exposed to bad weather, so over time they will be more subject to wear. What to do to protect the edges of these areas? Suitable profiles must be used.We recommend a series of profiles based on the need and aesthetic taste. A valid product is the protection profile of the front of the Bordertec BO terraces, with an "L" shape, available in both painted aluminum and stainless steel. Another interesting product is our rounded profile Bordertec BR, very suitable for laying overlapping floors with an existing one, available in painted aluminum in various colors.

Protection for the edges of tiled floors and more

We can offer versatile products suitable for delimiting the ceramic perimeter edges, especially where these coincide with a vertical covering, balconies, raised sidewalks, stair steps or even the front of a terrace. These are profiles such as the Bordertec BSR or the Trimtec SR, reversible profiles means that they can be used with two different flooring thicknesses.