End profiles for wall coverings

End profiles which resolve sharp corners in half-tiled walls. The elegance of this series of profiles is refined by the use of anodized aluminum in several finishes.
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Sharp edge protection

As an aesthetic solution for interior environments, particularly bathrooms, the wall is often only partially tiled, and the leftover space remains without wall covering and with an exposed sharp edge where the tiling ends. End profiles for walls, in addition to providing aesthetic value, also smooth sharp edges and hide edge imperfections and chipping acquired during installation. The available profiles come in different section types: Trialjolly TJ, for example, contains a 45º angle that creates a small ramp from the tile edge to the wall; Roundjolly RJ, on the other hand, presents a rounder edge, and Squarejolly SJ, a square shape. These profiles have an important aesthetic function, so they are available in a vast range of finishes to match the setting and personal taste of the client.

End profiles for thin wall coverings

In construction, when installing tile as a wall covering, it’s imperative to take the thickness of the tile into account. While larger tiles are often used in living rooms, mosaics or thin tiles are popular in bathrooms. Adequate profiles are necessary, particularly when they are used to finish off the end of the tile, where they are exposed and become a decorative element. The Mosaictec SJM, when installed with thin tiles and mosaics, creates an elegant chromatic contrast. In addition, no detail goes unnoticed – the minimal section of the profile integrates seamlessly into the wall.