Internal wall corner profiles

What is the purpose of internal wall corner profiles? They have two functions: join two walls, or join a wall and a floor, allowing for easy cleaning of the corner and, at the same time, offering highly aesthetic results. They come in various materials: stainless steel, aluminum, and PVC, in numerous colors and finishes.
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Installation of internal wall corner profiles

Internal wall corner profiles, generally called hygienic cove-shaped profiles, are highly requested because they respect hygiene and health regulations in public spaces, such as bathrooms, hospitals, industrial food or chemical facilities and pools, to guarantee deep cleaning of wall corners where, without a profile, dirt, germs and bacteria could accumulate and become very difficult to remove. The cove-shaped profile makes cleaning thorough and easy. They are available in various materials and finishes to match the installation setting. The Sanitec SB 10 profile in aluminum, for example, was designed to fit in different contexts, between a wall and a floor or between two walls with different covering thicknesses, from 4.5 mm.

Installing profiles when the wall covering is complete.

During bathroom constructions and renovations in hospitals or restaurants, joint profiles must be chosen along with the wall coverings, before the substrate is complete. If the profiles are chosen correctly and at the right time, they can be installed with the wall coverings. Otherwise, post-installation profiles must be used. We have already discussed profiles for external wall corners, now let’s look at which profiles which are suitable for internal corners when the wall covering is already installed. The Sanitec range of hygienic cove-shaped profiles allows effective and simple cleaning of internal corners. The range is subdivided into subfamilies, depending of the shape of the profile. They are produced in stainless steel, aluminum and PVC.