A modern and functional outdoor area


Residential complex


Verona (Italy) area

Renovation of a residential complex in Verona (Italy) area

We are located in Verona area, surrounded by vineyards and nature.
The project involves the renovation and extension of an existing residential complex.

The external area offers a very interesting case study, with a non-homogeneous base due to the presence of walls, curbs or existing structures. The aim is to make the floor uniform and to have a stable and solid structure. Another very interesting feature of this project is the tall height that can be achieved with the raised floor.

sistemi di posa per pavimenti flottanti

Here is the information we gathered on site:

What is the reason for choosing a raised floor, as opposed to laying using the traditional method?

To avoid cases of roof gardens that can create problems of infiltration on the floors below, we decided to include the raised floor in the project for easier inspection. The raised floor is kept cleaner and water flows easily without having to use a floor slope, keeping the flooring at the same level and working rather on the base.

Given the particular structure, how did you organise the choice of UPTEC supports?

We calculated the total square metres; the incidence per square metre is 6 pcs/sqm. The height varies from 30 (11.8in) to 35 (13.8in) up to 38 (15in) cm near the drains, so we can estimate an average height of 34 cm (13.4in) (composed of 1 SUPAS + 10 SUPAR + 1 SUPA 4 , height from 32.8 to 35.8 cm).
 The laying area is 680 square metres (7319ft²) and we used 45x90cm (17.7x35.4in) tiles with a thickness of 2cm (0.79in).

pedestal system

How did you carry out the work?

The original project included curbs in the outdoor area and thanks to Uptec we did not have to change the product to reach different heights, but it was enough to add or remove the SUPAR rings.

raised floor system

Product performance.

How did you find it?

Uptec is easy to adjust. We managed the different heights in a very easy way.

What would you change to improve our product?

Nothing, it is a complete product that solves several problems.

Do you know any other similar products on the market?

Yes, I do.

What do you like most about our product compared to others?

The stackability of the central rings (SUPAR) to obtain different heights with a single product. If there are different slopes, you can change the height of the support immediately.