bordertec BTR

BORDERTEC BTR profiles for tiled terraces

BORDERTEC BTR profiles for tiled terraces

BORDERTEC BTR is an innovative, patented, modular system composed of a perimeter profile for balconies and tiled balconies that interlocks onto TRIMTEC TR profiles. Together they form an integrated profile with a protruding drip edge that matches most outdoor tile thicknesses and finishes on the market. Clip System = tile thickness - 2mm.

How to assembly BORDER BTR profiles for balconies

Bordertec BTR si compone con i moduli aggiuntivi Art. serie TR che si infilano all’interno del modulo base realizzando l’altezza richiesta dallo spessore della piastrella. Clip system: altezza piastrella ridotta di 2 mm. To build up BORDERTEC BTR is necessary to combine BTR Border + TR Trimtec. For 10 mm Tile BORDERTEC profile use TR80 (Tile Height = TR Dimension + 2 mm)

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