woodtec LG

WOODTEC LG, transition profiles for wooden floors

Profili per pavimenti Woodtec LG AB Profilitec Sezione Contestualizzata Profili per Pavimenti Woodtec LG Profilitec

WOODTEC LG, transition profiles for wooden floors

WOODTEC LG profiles are specifically designed to join two adjoining floating wood floors. The size and shape of the profile section allows for differential movement typical of wood flooring. Its smooth top surface fits under doorways making it perfectly suitable for thresholds.

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  • Woodtec LG-A in Anodized Aluminum

    WOODTEC LG-A*N Anodized Aluminum This profile is available in three finishes: silver (AS), gold (AO), bronze (AB). Due to the chromatic variations available, it is especially suitable for elegant residential detailing. It is highly resistant to oxidation and less resistant to mechanical impact.

    Sezione Tecnica Profili per pavimenti Woodtec LG Profilitec
    H = mm Art. Finishing Variant pcs
    7 LG 70 ABN Anodized Bronze 1
    7 LG 70 ASN Anodized Silver 1
    7 LG 70 AON Anodized Gold 1
    9 LG 90 ABN Anodized Bronze 1
    9 LG 90 ASN Anodized Silver 1
    9 LG 90 AON Anodized Gold 1
    10 LG 100 ABN Anodized Bronze 1
    10 LG 100 ASN Anodized Silver 1
    10,2 LG 100 AON Anodized Gold 1
    13 LG 130 ABN Anodized Bronze 1
    13 LG 130 ASN Anodized Silver 1
    13 LG 130 AON Anodized Gold 1
    15 LG 150 ABN Anodized Bronze 1
    15 LG 150 ASN Anodized Silver 1
    15 LG 150 AON Anodized Gold 1