Jointec GAS

GAS: joint between screed and floor

GAS: joint between screed and floor

Profilitec completes its joint range, introducing the GAS structural sliding joint. The GAS joint was conceived to be installed underneath flooring (tile, stone, etc.) and over the floor slab, differently than the GA range, which can only be installed under the slab. It is particularly suitable for commercial structures, airports, parking garages and railway stations with pedestrian and lightweight vehicles passage. The joint may be installed in the interstitial space between two sections of a building or between two building bays, according to technical specifications resulting from a structural evaluation of the building.

Technical features joints JOINTEC GAS

TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS: - The GAS joint has two anchoring flanges to be placed under the flooring. The perforated flange adheres to the tile adhesive and forms a single, solid, resistant anchoring element. - The joint absorbs the movement of the underlying structure through the sliding of central flanges which interlock, allowing compression and expansion of +2.5/-2.5 mm. - The sliding components also prevent dirt and dust buildup. The unique joint interlock between the central flanges and lateral supports also allows for vertical movement, compensating mechanical stresses due to structural movement +5/-5 mm.

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