showertec STL F

Linear drain frames of the Showertec Linear system

Linear drain frames of the Showertec Linear system

Showertec STL - F are a family of metal frames, made of stainless steel or aluminium with high resistance (Alu +). The frames are available in sizes 600-700-800-900-1000-1200 mm.

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  • Showertec linear STL-F Stainless steel frame AISI 316 DIN.1.4404 Polished

    AISI 316 stainless steel frame. Available in polished finish (IL).

    Stainless Steel 316 / Brushed
    STL- F 600
    STL- F 700
    STL- F 800
    STL- F 900
    STL- F 1000
    STL- F 1200
    Stainless Steel 316 / Chromed
    STL- F 600IC
    STL- F 700IC
    STL- F 800IC
    STL- F 900IC
    STL- F 1000IC
    STL- F 1200IC
  • Showertec linear STL-F Frame in Anodized, Brushed, Polished or Powder coated Aluminum

    aluminium frrame with Aluminium special anodised finish. Available with anodised surface in Titanium (AT), Copper (AR) or Gold (AO) variants. Brushed anodised Surface in Graphite (AGRS) or Antique Bronze (AMSB) finishes. Polished Rose Gold Surface (AORB). Polished Brushed Surface in Chrome (ASSB), Titanium (ATSB), Copper (ARSB) or Gold (AOSB) variants. Matt White (AM11) or Embossed Matt Black (A65) powder coating surface.

    Aluminum / Anodized
    Art. Color
    STL- F600 AT Titanium
    STL- F700 AT Titanium
    STL- F800 AT Titanium
    STL- F900 AT Titanium
    STL- F1000 AT Titanium
    STL- F1200 AT Titanium
    STL- F600 AR Copper
    STL- F700 AR Copper
    STL- F800 AR Copper
    STL- F900 AR Copper
    STL- F1000 AR Copper
    STL- F1200 AR Copper
    STL- F600 AO Gold
    STL- F700 AO Gold
    STL- F800 AO Gold
    STL- F900 AO Gold
    STL- F1000 AO Gold
    STL- F1200 AO Gold
    Aluminum / Bright Polished
    Art. Color
    STL- F600 ASSB Chrome
    STL- F700 ASSB Chrome
    STL- F800 ASSB Chrome
    STL- F900 ASSB Chrome
    STL- F1000 ASSB Chrome
    STL- F1200 ASSB Chrome
    STL- F600 ATSB Titanium
    STL- F700 ATSB Titanium
    STL- F800 ATSB Titanium
    STL- F900 ATSB Titanium
    STL- F1000 ATSB Titanium
    STL- F1200 ATSB Titanium
    STL- F600 ARSB Copper
    STL- F700 ARSB Copper
    STL- F800 ARSB Copper
    STL- F900 ARSB Copper
    STL- F1000 ARSB Copper
    STL- F1200 ARSB Copper
    STL- F600 AOSB Gold
    STL- F700 AOSB Gold
    STL- F800 AOSB Gold
    STL- F900 AOSB Gold
    STL- F1000 AOSB Gold
    STL- F1200 AOSB Gold
    STL- F600 AORB Oro Rosa
    STL- F700 AORB Oro Rosa
    STL- F800 AORB Oro Rosa
    STL- F900 AORB Oro Rosa
    STL- F1000 AORB Oro Rosa
    STL- F1200 AORB Oro Rosa
    Aluminum / Brushed
    Art. Color
    STL- F600 AGRS Graphite
    STL- F700 AGRS Graphite
    STL- F800 AGRS Graphite
    STL- F900 AGRS Graphite
    STL- F1000 AGRS Graphite
    STL- F1200 AGRS Graphite
    STL- F600 AMSB Antique Bronze
    STL- F700 AMSB Antique Bronze
    STL- F800 AMSB Antique Bronze
    STL- F900 AMSB Antique Bronze
    STL- F1000 AMSB Antique Bronze
    STL- F1200 AMSB Antique Bronze
    Aluminum / Powder Coated
    STL- F600 AM11
    STL- F700 AM11
    STL- F800 AM11
    STL- F900 AM11
    STL- F1000 AM11
    STL- F1200 AM11
    STL- F600 A65
    STL- F700 A65
    STL- F800 A65
    STL- F900 A65
    STL- F1000 A65
    STL- F1200 A65

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