showertec STKF

Profiles for front shower coverings

Profiles for front shower coverings

The SHOWERTEC STK range includes a series of profiles dedicated to the shower area. They are products designed to simplify the installation phase. The STKF profiles act as a transition between the sloping tiled shower tray and the cladding. The latter can be integrated with its STKP front profile to obtain a homogeneous and optimal finish thanks to the clean line of the installation. The Showertec STK profiles create bathroom environments with a minimalist and modern design, obtaining floor-level showers without obstacles and without architectural barriers.

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  • STKF profile in stainless steel AISI 304 DIN.1.4301 Brushed

    3 - Front end profile to install the wall covering behind the linear drain. Frontal profile to connect wall to floor on the side of the wall parallel to the linear drain. Available in two heights: A 28 mm or A1 34 mm for tile height 8 / 10 / 12,5 mm. Lenght 1,35 m to be cut on site.

    Stainless Steel 304 / Brushed
    STKF 35/80 IS135
    STKF 35/100 IS135
    STKF 35/125 IS135
    STKF 48/80 IS135
    STKF 48/100 IS135
    STKF 48/125 IS135

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