square drain SDS



SQUARE DRAIN is a squared drain for drainage with a height of only 5.6 cm and a steel block. SQUARE DRAIN offers a range of three different grids, from the minimal of the PLANO, to the STAR or the TILE.

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  • AISI 304 stainless steel drain body. Available in the versions Lucida (IL / N), sanded (IL / S) or with applied membrane (IL / M).

    Stainless Steel 316 / Natural
    BxH (mm) Art.
    228x54 SDS 150 IL/N
    Stainless Steel 316 / Sanded
    BxH (mm) Art.
    228x54 SDS 150 IL/S
    Stainless Steel 316 / with Membrane
    BxH (mm) Art.
    170x54 SDS 150 IL/M

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