showertec STL BV

Showertec Linear, linear drain with vertical drain

Sistemi di Drenaggio Showertec Linear canalina USA Profilitec

Showertec Linear, linear drain with vertical drain

Showertec STL - BV is a family of 316 stainless steel linear channels for water drainage available in the sizes 600-700-800-900-1000-1200 mm. Made with a single piece in AIS 316 stainless steel without welding, they have a vertical drain without a siphon with a diameter of 50 mm that make them compatible with the presloped and waterproofed trays of the showertec STC-TRAY line. The channels are supplied with a pre-applied Foiltec waterproofing membrane which allows them to be connected safely and quickly to the pre-established STL-TRAY shower tray rather than to the on-site shower tray. The channel can be combined with different types of COVER (STL-CT, STL-CTF, STL-C) and finishing frames that allow you to combine the functionality of the product with a unique aesthetic.

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  • Showertec linear STL-BV Raceway body with vertical drain, in AISI 316 DIN stainless steel.1.4404

    Channel base body in stainless steel AISI 316 alloy, waterproof Foiltec membrane in pre-attached polyethylene. Vertical drain and EPS support blocks.

    H = mm Art. Finishing
    600 STL- BV 600 Natural
    700 STL- BV 700 Natural
    800 STL- BV 800 Natural
    900 STL- BV 900 Natural
    1000 STL- BV 1000 Natural
    1200 STL- BV 1200 Natural

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