showertec STL CT

Tileable covers with "invisible" effect for Showertec Linear conduits

Sistemi di Drenaggio Showertec Linear STL CT Profilitec

Tileable covers with "invisible" effect for Showertec Linear conduits

Showertec STL - CT are a family of tileable covers with "invisible" effect for linear trunking available in sizes 600-700-800-900-1000-1200 mm. Made with an aluminium support on which a membrane is applied which allows easy gluing of the tile. The system rests on the steel channel with plastic feet that cushion the acoustic transmission. The islands on the channel, on which the feet rest, allow an easy flow of water and guarantee the stability of the tiled part even during pedestrian use.

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  • Showertec linear STL-CT Tileable steel cover

    Tileable cover in AISI 316 stainless steel. Invisible effect.

    H = mm Art. Finishing
    600 STL- CT 600 Tileable
    700 STL- CT 700 Tileable
    800 STL- CT 800 Tileable
    900 STL- CT 900 Tileable
    1000 STL- CT 1000 Tileable
    1200 STL- CT 1200 Tileable

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