showertec STL C

Cover grid for linear channels of the Showertec Linear system

Cover grid for linear channels of the Showertec Linear system

Showertec STL - C are a family of metal covers, made of highly resistant stainless steel or aluminium (Alu +). The metal cover is available in the sizes 600-700-800-900-1000-1200 mm. The cover is integral with an aluminium support and has adjustable feet that allow it to be adjusted in height from 7 to 18 mm. The plastic material of the feet that rest on the channel attenuate the acoustic transmission and resting on the islands on the channel, allow an easy flow of water, guaranteeing at the same time the stability of the system during pedestrian use.

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  • AISI 316 stainless steel cover. Available in Polished (IL), Brushed (IS), sanded (IX) or Chrome (IC) finishes. Floor thickness between 7 and 18 mm

    Stainless Steel 316 / Brushed
    B (mm) Art.
    7 STL- C 600ISM
    7 STL- C 700ISM
    7 STL- C 800ISM
    7 STL- C 900ISM
    7 STL- C 1000ISM
    7 STL- C 1200ISM
    Stainless Steel 316 / Polished
    B (mm) Art.
    7 STL- C 600ILM
    7 STL- C 700ILM
    7 STL- C 800ILM
    7 STL- C 900ILM
    7 STL- C 1000ILM
    7 STL- C 1200ILM
    Stainless Steel 316 / Sanded
    B (mm) Art.
    7 STL- C 600IXM
    7 STL- C 700IXM
    7 STL- C 800IXM
    7 STL- C 900IXM
    7 STL- C 1000IXM
    7 STL- C 1200IXM
    Stainless Steel 316 / Chromed
    B (mm) Art.
    7 STL- C 600IC
    7 STL- C 700IC
    7 STL- C 800IC
    7 STL- C 900IC
    7 STL- C 1000IC
    7 STL- C 1200IC

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