showertec STC TRAY

STC-TRAY Presloped shower tray for Showertec system

Sistemi di Drenaggio Showertec Tray Profilitec

STC-TRAY Presloped shower tray for Showertec system

Showertec STC - TRAY are a family of pre-licensed trays compatible with the showertec central drain STC-SD with ABS and PVC flange and vertical discharge. They are made of EPS to which a waterproofing membrane is applied which, combined with the corners, strips and Foiltec membrane, make the shower impermeable to water and steam. Available in 36"/36" - 91/91 cm, 48"/48" - 122/122 cm, 32"/60" - 81/152 cm and 72"/72" - 183/183 cm versions, they can be combined with vertical drain systems in PVC and ABS. In the range there is also STC-CURB to create steps that do not allow water to escape 36" and 48"(91 and 122 cm version)

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