striptec ST

STRIPTEC ST: Transition trims for floors with different heights (max 5mm)

STRIPTEC ST: Transition trims for floors with different heights (max 5mm)

STRIPTEC ST profiles are designed to join adjoining floors of equal or different type and thickness. The rounded shape of this profile covers edge imperfections and allows a slight rotation, compensating for elevation differences of up to 5mm. It can also be used as a termination profile, given a floor thickness of up to 5mm. Available in two versions: self-adhesive and screw-on.

STRIPTEC how to install

Installation of self adhesive version: 1) Make sure the base is solid, flat, level, clean and dry. 2) Cut the profile to the desired length and remove adhesive backing. 3) Press uniformly downwards on to the profile to apply. Do not hammer. Installation of the pre-drilled version: 1) Cut the profile to the desired length and mark the position of the pre-drilled holes. 2) Fasten with flathead screws.

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  • Striptec ST-I in Stainless Steel AISI 430 - Polished

    This stainless steel profile ensures high resistance to use and wear and good resistance to weathering. Available in self-adhesive (OLA), drilled (OLF), and pre-drilled (OLN) versions.

    Stainless Steel 304 / Polished
    B (mm) Art. Installazione
    18 ST 18 ILA Self-Adhesive
    30 ST 30 ILA Self-Adhesive
    35 ST 35 ILA Self-Adhesive
    30 ST 30 ILF Drilled
    35 ST 35 ILF Drilled
  • Striptec ST-A in Anodized Aluminum

    This anodised aluminium profile is available in three finishes: silver (AS), gold (AO), bronze (AB). Due to the chromatic variations available, it is especially suited for residential use.

    Aluminum / Anodized
    B (mm) Art. Color Installazione
    18 ST 18 ASA Silver Self-Adhesive
    30 ST 30 ASA Silver Self-Adhesive
    35 ST 35 ASA Silver Self-Adhesive
    40 ST 40 ASA Silver Self-Adhesive
    18 ST 18 AOA Gold Self-Adhesive
    30 ST 30 AOA Gold Self-Adhesive
    35 ST 35 AOA Gold Self-Adhesive
    40 ST 40 AOA Gold Self-Adhesive
    18 ST 18 ABA Bronze Self-Adhesive
    30 ST 30 ABA Bronze Self-Adhesive
    35 ST 35 ABA Bronze Self-Adhesive
    40 ST 40 ABA Bronze Self-Adhesive
    18 ST 18 ASF Silver Drilled
    30 ST 30 ASF Silver Drilled
    35 ST 35 ASF Silver Drilled
    40 ST 40 ASF Silver Drilled
    18 ST 18 AOF Gold Drilled
    30 ST 30 AOF Gold Drilled
    35 ST 35 AOF Gold Drilled
    40 ST 40 AOF Gold Drilled
    18 ST 18 ABF Bronze Drilled
    30 ST 30 ABF Bronze Drilled
    35 ST 35 ABF Bronze Drilled
    40 ST 40 ABF Bronze Drilled
    Aluminum / Wood Effect
    B (mm) Art. Color Installazione
    30 ST 30 RSA Bleached Self-Adhesive
    30 ST 30 ACA Maple Self-Adhesive
    30 ST 30 FAA Beechwood Self-Adhesive
    30 ST 30 ROA Oak Self-Adhesive
    30 ST 30 CIA Cherry Self-Adhesive
    30 ST 30 NCA Light Walnut Self-Adhesive
    30 ST 30 NSA Dark Walnut Self-Adhesive
    30 ST 30 WEA Wengé Self-Adhesive
    30 ST 30 RSF Bleached Drilled
    30 ST 30 ACF Maple Drilled
    30 ST 30 FAF Beechwood Drilled
    30 ST 30 ROF Oak Drilled
    30 ST 30 CIF Cherry Drilled
    30 ST 30 NCF Light Walnut Drilled
    30 ST 30 NSF Dark Walnut Drilled
    30 ST 30 WEF Wengé Drilled
  • Striptec ST-O in Polished Brass

    This laminated polished brass profile is resistant to light chemical and mechanical impact and highly resistant to use and wear. The brass version is especially recommended for elegant residential detailing. Available in pre-drilled and adhesive versions.

    Brass / Polished
    B (mm) Art. Installazione
    18 ST 18 OLA Self-Adhesive
    30 ST 30 OLA Self-Adhesive
    35 ST 35 OLA Self-Adhesive
    50 ST 50 OLA Self-Adhesive
    18 ST 18 OLN
    30 ST 30 OLF Drilled
    35 ST 35 OLF Drilled
    50 ST 50 OLF Drilled

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