8010 & 8020 pedestals for floating floors installation

Accessori Supporti 8010 set Profilitec Accessori Supporti 8020 set Profilitec

8010 & 8020 pedestals for floating floors installation

SET floating floor supports in polypropylene offer good resistance to ice and weathering. Easy to install, the system can compensate elevation differences by simply stacking tie-bases into the base. Placed directly onto the sloping waterproof membrane, they provide an elevated drainage system and allow access for future maintenance. Ideal for balconies, balconies, roof gardens and walkways

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  • Support 8010 in plastic material for floating floors

    Made of polypropylene Drilled in the lower part to allow the outflow of water.They prevent cracking of the coating caused by frost or water infiltration.They allow easy patching of bituminous waterproofing allowing easy removal of the tiles. Equipped with overlapping thicknesses to reach the desired height or compensate for any level unevenness in the support.

    H = mm Art.
    3 8011 / set
    13 8010 / set

    Support 8020 in plastic material for floating floors

    It allows the laying containing the cement used for the elevation of the prefabricated tiles.The laying with cement guarantees the flatness of the floor which is fixed at the ends ensuring the drainage below.Also available 3 mm cross spacers to be applied in the central part.

    H = mm Art.
    3 8021 / set
    20 8020 / set

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