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HANGING: the hanger profile

Profili per rivestimenti Appendo APP 15 ASXB Profilitec Sezione Contestualizzata Profili per rivestimenti Appendo APP 15 Profilitec

HANGING: the hanger profile

APPENDO is an patented, innovative vertical profile shaped as a hook, a perfect decorative and functional solution for bathrooms and residential settings. The profile is installed with anchoring plates. Spacer washers are included to adapt the profile thickness from 5/16’’ to 15/32’’ (8 to 12mm).

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  • APPENDO APP-A in Anodized or Polished Aluminum

    Appendo is an innovative decorative strip that can be used in environments where a decorative effect dictated by a design profile and the function of a hanger or coat rack are needed at the same time.Appendo can be used individually or alongside multiple profiles.The profile is supplied in bars of 8'10" - 2.70 meters which must be cut to position the protruding part at the desired height and using the profile cut in the upper part to complete the finish.The profile is supplied with metal fixing plates that must be fixed to the wall, before installing the tiles, with special dowels.Adaptable to tiles from 5/16" to 3/8" / 1/2" (8 mm to 10 / 12.5 mm) through suitable compensating washers.The profile is supplied with polished surface Chrome (ASB), sanded polished Silver (ASXB), sanded polished Champagne (ACXB).

    H = mm Art. Finishing Color pcs
    8 x 15 APP 15 ASB Bright Polished Chrome 1
    8 x 15 APP 15 ASXB Bright Polished Sanded Silver 1
    8 x 15 APP 15 ACXB Bright Polished Sanded Champagne 1