Decorative profiles for walls

Profiles primarily designed as decoration for the space in which they are installed, but in some cases they also take on a functional role.
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Embellish the bathroom with decorative profiles

In a world where we are always in a hurry, in and out of the house, the bathroom has become a very important place where style and comfort fuse to create a place of relaxation. Recent trends point to using minimal tile and furnishings, with simple geometries. For this reason, many interior designers aim to warm the space through the details. Decorative strips are designed for this very purpose. The various widths, materials, colors and finishes available make it easy for each person to find the right detail for their special space. The strips are placed between tiles to play with light and color, giving a unique touch to the bathroom. Listec LI Glitter is a series of original, fashionable strips, with an aluminum base and delicate, elegant glitter decorations covered in super resistant resin.

Create decorative effects with wall profiles

We rarely think about design details when we are choosing materials such as tiles and bathroom fixtures, but if we are given a hand in choosing the ideal products for the space, it can be a lot of fun. The Appendo profile is an ingenious, stylish decorative strip for tiled walls. In addition to adding a touch of whimsy, Appendo functions as a real hook. It can be installed individually or many placed side by side with the hook at different heights for geometric appeal.