listec LI15

LISTEC LI 15 decorative listellos for coverings

LISTEC LI 15 decorative listellos for coverings

The LISTEC LI 15 aluminium decorative profile is designed for ceramic tile wall coverings. The unique squared section perfectly aligns with modern rectified tile edges. Due to the 8mm profile thickness and interlocking plastic tie-bases, the strip profile is adaptable to any tile thickness over 7mm. Internal and external corners may be finished with SQUAREJOLLY, ROUNDJOLLY or KERAJOLLY joint profiles, avoiding 45° mitered corners.

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  • Listec LI15-A in Anodized, Brushed, sanded, Polished or High Strength Wood Effect Aluminum

    Modern and trendy aluminium strip, allows you to create decorative effects in an economic way combined with ceramic coverings.anodised surface with Silver (AS), Titanium (AT) or Copper (AR) matt effect finishes.Silver Brushed anodised Surface (ASS).Polished surface in the variants Chrome (ASB), Titanium (ATB), Copper (ARB) or Gold (AOB).Polished surface in silver finish (ASGB).Brushed Polished Surface in the Silver variant (ASSB).Polished sanded Silver (ASXB) or Champagne (ACXB) surface.High resistance wood effect surface in the oak (ATRO), bleached oak (ATRS), teak (ATTK) or wengé (ATWE) variants.

    Aluminum / Anodized
    HxB (mm) Art. Color
    8 LI 15 AS Silver
    8 LI 15 AT Titanium
    8 LI 15 AR Copper
    Aluminum / Anodized Brushed
    HxB (mm) Art. Color
    8 LI 15 ASS Silver
    Aluminum / Bright Polished
    HxB (mm) Art. Color
    8 LI 15 ASB Chrome
    8 LI 15 ATB Titanium
    8 LI 15 ARB Copper
    8 LI 15 AOB Gold
    Aluminum / Bright Polished Grinded
    HxB (mm) Art. Color
    8 LI 15 ASGB Silver
    Aluminum / Bright Polished Brushed
    HxB (mm) Art. Color
    8 LI 15 ASSB Silver
    Aluminum / Bright Polished Sanded
    HxB (mm) Art. Color
    8 LI 15 ASXB Silver
    8 LI 15 ACXB Champagne
    Aluminum / High Resistence Wood effect
    HxB (mm) Art. Color
    8 LI 15 ATRS Texture Bleached
    8 LI 15 ATWE Wenge texture
    8 LI 15 ATTK Texture Teak
    8 LI 15 ATRO Texture Oak

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