Movement profiles

Fraction joints are fundamental components of a flooring with certain characteristics. They ensure the durability and functionality of the coating. The range available is wide, a profile for every construction site need.
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What are the separation joints

When a surface to be tiled takes on a fairly large size, we are talking about 25 sq m for the interior and 9 sq m for the exterior, then it is necessary to create splits in the screed, about 1/3 of its thickness, which must then also be reported in the coating using the appropriate profiles, which perform the function of expansion and which in this case are defined as fractionation. So it is important to know in advance what type of flooring you will use to avoid going to create these breaks in unattractive points, better to do it where the gap between one tile and the other would fall without going to cut the coating specifically. The width of the profile must not be less than the width of the fracture in the screed.

Which splitting joint to choose

Our range of fractionation profiles is wide, we have plastic, aluminum, steel and brass profiles.Generally these products are used in public places, where the surfaces are larger than in a home. Coflex CF is a joint made of synthetic material for mortar laying, which also offers protection at the edge of the coating. The Coflex CD is a modular profile that allows you to reach important heights. Coflex CTM is a specific joint for marble, granite or Palladian floors, it is made of metal with a smooth insert.