Draining membrane for outdoor floors

Water infiltration with consequent damage to the structure is the worst nightmare for anyone. We have suitable products to prevent this type of problem in any environment.
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How to protect the under-screed structure in outdoor environments

Let's read a passage from the UNI 11493 standard: “Ceramic tiling, made up of ceramic tiles with the relative adhesive / mortar and grouts, cannot guarantee the impermeability of the coated surface, that is the resistance to the passage of water through the tiling itself If waterproofing is required, it must be ensured by waterproofing the tiling support, using products applied liquids or sheet membranes under the tiles." What does this mean? That in particular outdoors, on terraces, balconies, walkways, tiled gardens, which are exposed to the weather, it is important to cancel the risk of water infiltration. How to do that? To perform a work in a workmanlike manner, the use of a draining layer between screed and waterproofing is recommended, all on a sloping substrate, in order to favor the flow of water while preserving the waterproofing layers over time.We can recommend 3 types of drainage membranes, let's see them: - Draintec 8 mm membrane, produced in high density polyethylene with truncated conical section to which a filtering non-woven fabric is thermo-coupled, for the part in contact with the screed. The non-woven fabric serves to block the descent of small debris and granules, thus avoiding that these obstruct the channels of the draining membrane and make its drainage less effective.It must be applied between the traditional screed and the waterproofing sheath, placed on a slope. Its particular shape supports and lightens the compression to the load in case of trampling or material transport.- Draintec 8s: 8 mm high density polyethylene membrane, consisting of an internal nodular core to which a micro-mesh in polyethylene is thermo-coupled in contact with the screed. Particularly suitable for gravel screeds.- Draintec 3: made of high density polyethylene 3 mm thick and perforated. With the function of separation between screed and waterproofing layer and that of drainage. Suitable for gravel or crushed stone screeds.

Use a perimeter profile for an optimal result

To complete the work of laying a terrace or balcony, in addition to waterproofing and drainage, we recommend the application of the Bordertec BD perimeter profile along the entire perimeter. The profile has holes in the lower panel in contact with the draining membrane, to ensure total water outflow.It must therefore be laid under the screed, precisely between the draining and bituminous membranes. The combination with the Draitec 8 drainage membrane makes it the ideal product to protect the terrace structure from infiltrations and deterioration.