Separation profiles for floors

Profiles that allow you to create continuity between floors at the same level, joining similar or different materials. The numerous profile sections (shapes), materials and finishes are conceived to satisfy all design and functional needs.
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Profili per pavimenti Mosaictec SJM 44 AS Profilitec

mosaictec SJM

MOSAICTEC SJM Trims for mosaic and low thickness materials

Separation profiles for floors of the same level

In homes, offices or commercial areas, floor types are used to differentiate the various areas of the building. Combinations of different materials and characteristics are common, and their transition is particularly important. Separation profiles between floors of the same thickness are the perfect solution: they are available in a myriad of materials and finishes, adapting seamlessly to all floor types. The transition between, for example, parquet and tile, wood boards or resin takes on a refined look. It is precisely the material of the profile that determines its use and distinguishes it from other models. Brass and stainless steel profiles, which are extremely resistant mechanical and chemical impact, and corrosion are often used in industrial flooring. Aluminum profiles, on the other hand, are more strictly aesthetic and decorative.

Different profile sections (shapes) for different needs

There can be many characteristics attributed to a profile. Function is the first factor commonly considered, followed by style and design. However, the section of the profile (its shape) is often overlooked, given that it is hidden once the installation is complete. The Linetec AD and Linetec MB profiles, for example, have an unusual shape compared to other separation profiles: they are linear, almost like an I, not the classic L-shape, which allows you to split two surfaces of different material and the same level.