External wall corner profiles

A wide range of profiles designed to solve the problem of chipping and edge imperfections that are often the result of corner wall installations. The profiles are available in various shapes, materials and finishes, offering the best solutions for every design environment: home, commercial or industrial.
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External wall corner profiles to be applied during installation

It's important to finish sharp wall edges with an angle profile, both to protect the external corner from chipping, and avoid painful bumps and scratches. There are various solutions to finish corners between two walls with porcelain, mosaic, resin or other wall coverings, while still guaranteeing aesthetic and technical, state-of-the-art results. There are profiles with different thicknesses, sections and materials, depending on the type of wall covering to match. The most common profiles are the Trimtec TR, for a simple, discreet finish; the Squarejolly with its square and symmetrical shape, or the Roundjolly with softer, rounder lines. We also propose a series of smaller profiles to perfectly match mosaic wall coverings, for example, the Mosaictec SJM or RJM. Yet another beautiful profile is the Filojolly RJF which adapts seamlessly to coverings in resin and stone.

Post-installation external wall corner profiles

In the preliminary phases of a construction project, it’s common to come across problems, but if they are not resolved as they arise, it may impossible to solve them once the job is finished. With regard to profiles, this is fortunately not the case – there are solutions conceived for post-installation application. It’s ideal to cover a wall corner with an integrated profile applied during installation, but if this detail is overlooked, then the Roundcorner RO, Keracorner CO or Wallprotection WA can be installed post-construction. These 3 angle profile families can be applied on joints between two walls after the installation process is complete. The first two ranges, available in aluminum, stainless steel or brass, are supplied with an adhesive strip already applied, so installation will be fast and simple – just remove the backing and apply. The Wallprotection profile, realized in resin, should be applied using normal silicone, offering both wall protection and impact resistance.