Jointec GC

JOINTEC GC pvc joints for concrete floors

JOINTEC GC pvc joints for concrete floors

JOINTEC GC patented PVC joints are conceived for industrial poured concrete floors. The profiles are designed to create a 5x5m grid at the floor level, into which the concrete is poured, cured, and polished with a floor grinder. The profiles themselves act as a level line for the pour, creating state-of-the-art concrete floors with one simple process.

Joints JOINTEC GC plus

The drawing below shows how JOINTEC GC profiles control movement throughout the floor layout and prevent cracking of the concrete: Fast and efficient assembly with long-lasting results.

How to install joints JOINTEC GC

Expansion joints around the perimeter of the floor layout provide concrete with the necessary gap for differential movement. JOINTEC GC profiles coupled with the GCP and GCR synthetic inserts in soft Resilflex allow the concrete to be poured, leveled and cured in one simple step, while still accommodating its expansion and contraction. The perimeter joint eliminates the need for base boarding.

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