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STAIRTEC SR stair nosing profiles

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STAIRTEC SR stair nosing profiles

Practical and easy to clean, STAIRTEC SR can be used as stair nosing and trimming for all exposed edges. Its extended vertical edge conceals and protects the riser edge, preventing future cracking and chipping. The unique sectional design can match two different floor thicknesses with the same reversible profile. The patented section is designed with vertical dovetail anchoring.

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  • Stairtec SR-I in Stainless Steel AISI 304 - DIN 1.4301 Polished or Brushed

    TRIMTEC SR-I* Stainless Steel AISI 304 - DIN 1.4301 This stainless steel profile ensures high resistance to most diluted chemicals found in laboratories and aggressive detergents present in food processing plants, commercial kitchens, slaughter houses, breweries, public toilets and hospitals. Available in polished (IL), brushed (IS) or sanded (IX) stainless steel.

    H = mm Art. Finishing
    8/15 SR 8/15 IL Polished
    10/12,5 SR 10/12 IL Polished
    8/15 SR 8/15 IS Brushed
    10/12,5 SR 10/12 IS Brushed

    Stairtec SR-A in Anodized Aluminum

    TRIMTEC SR-AS Silver Anodized Aluminum This profile has a silver coating, suitable for both indoor and outdoor application with high resistance to weathering and lower resistance to mechanical impact. During installation, excess adhesive and grout should be removed immediately to avoid stains. The exposed surface may change color or darken over time. Brass or stainless steel profiles are recommended in places of high wear and use.

    H = mm Art. Finishing Color
    8/15 SR 8/15 AS Anodized Silver
    10/12,5 SR 10/12 AS Anodized Silver

    Stairtec SR-O in Brass - Natural or Polished

    TRIMTEC SR-O* Brass The vertical section of this brass profile protects delicate edges on ceramic stairs. Moisture and corrosive agents may oxidize the exposed surfaces. Buffing the profile with conventional polisher will bring back its shine in no time.

    H = mm Art. Finishing
    8/15 SR 8/15 ON Natural
    10/12,5 SR 10/12 ON Natural
    8/15 SR 8/15 OL Polished
    10/12,5 SR 10/12 OL Polished

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