multiclipLVT CLG 260

MULTICLIPLVT CLG Transition trims for LVT floors

MULTICLIPLVT CLG Transition trims for LVT floors

Patented coplanar joint profile. The innovative, ingenious clip system in Resinil (thermoplastic synthetic resin) allows, by simple rotation, to compensate level differences of up to 1.5 mm. The system used with (base) CLB40ANF and (clip) CL40P can also join floors with thicknesses varying from 4 to 6 mm. It additionally acts as a movement joint profile, since the internal cavity allows the underlying flooring to move up to ± 2 mm.

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  • Multiclip LVT CLG260-A in Aluminum - Anodized or High Resistance Wood Effect

    aluminium anodised in silver, gold and bronze, the profiles are particularly versatile and can be matched with all floor surfaces. Assemble with Clip CL 40 P + aluminium base CLB 40 ANF.
    H= from 4 to 6 mm

    Aluminum / Anodized
    B (mm) Art. Color
    26 CLG 260 AS Silver
    26 CLG 260 AO Gold
    26 CLG 260 AB Bronze
    Aluminum / High Resistence Wood effect
    B (mm) Art. Color
    26 CLG 260 RS Bleached
    26 CLG 260 AC Maple
    26 CLG 260 FA Beechwood
    26 CLG 260 RO Oak
    26 CLG 260 CI Cherry
    26 CLG 260 NC Light Walnut
    26 CLG 260 NS Dark Walnut
    26 CLG 260 WE Wengé
    26 CLG 260 RW Wengé oak
    26 CLG 260 RD Decapé oak
    26 CLG 260 RG Grey Oak

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