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SANITEC RS flush toilet seat

Profili per rivestimenti Sanitec RS IL Profilitec Sezione Contestualizzata Profili per rivestimenti Sanitec RS I Profilitec

SANITEC RS flush toilet seat

SANITEC RS-IL stainless steel cove-shaped profiles are easy to clean and designed to meet hygiene standards in public spaces subject to sanitary inspection, such as hospitals, food processing plants and public bathrooms. This transition profile is installed on site flush against wall and floor coverings.

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  • Sanitec RS-I in AISI 304 stainless steel - DIN 1.4301 polished

    SANITEC RS-IL Stainless Steel AISI 304 - DIN 1.4301 This stainless steel profile ensures good resistance to mechanical resistance and high resistance to corrosion from most diluted chemicals found in laboratories and aggressive detergents present in food processing plants, commercial kitchens, slaughter houses, breweries, public bathrooms and hospitals. It can be used to transition wall and floor coverings with 5/16’’ to 1/2’’ (8 to 12.5mm) tile thicknesses. Internal (RSI) and external (RSE) joint pieces are used to elegantly detail corner intersections. Perforated flange internal (RSIR) and external (RSER) corner joint pieces are also available.

    Sezione Tecnica Profili per rivestimenti Sanitec RS I Profilitec
    H = mm Art. Finishing pcs
    8 RS 80 IL Polished 1
    10 RS 100 IL Polished 1
    12,5 RS 125 IL Polished 1