The skirting board is an essential element of completion, it cannot be missing in any building where there is attention to detail. We offer a wide range of products in aluminum, steel or PVC, suitable for any environment and architectural need.
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Why install the baseboard

The baseboard, or skirting board, performs two main functions: covering, by hiding, the expansion joint between the floor and the wall, and protecting the lower part of the wall subject to accidental treads or impacts, for example with tools used for daily cleaning.In addition to what has just been said, no less important is the function of decorating the environment and in some cases the skirting board can be a hiding place for electrical cables.

How to choose the baseboard

There are wooden, pvc, ceramic or stone or metal skirting boards on the market.The best sellers are the wooden ones and the metal ones. The latter in addition to having a resistance over time significantly higher than the common wooden skirtings, certainly give a note of modernity to the environment. They can be chosen in shades with the walls or with elements of the doors and windows, or you can decide to opt for a stark contrast. The sizes we offer range from 4.5 cm in height to up to 10 cm.We have a rich range of shapes, from the most square ones, for example the BA400, to the softer shapes like the BA450. There is no shortage BIM outdoor skirting boards and the most modern wall-mounted skirting boards for a more minimalist effect (see dedicated chapter). You can choose between aluminum, steel or even PVC in different colors and with different surface treatments.