baseboard BA

BA SKIRTING BOARD in aluminum or stainless steel

Battiscopa BA 600 ISN Profilitec Battiscopa BA IL Profilitec Battiscopa BA 600 AS Profilitec Battiscopa BA AT Profilitec Battiscopa BA 600 ATRON Profilitec Battiscopa BA 600 ATRS Profilitec Sezione Contestualizzata Battiscopa BA Profilitec

BA SKIRTING BOARD in aluminum or stainless steel

BASEBOARD BA metal and PVC profiles can be easily installed with adhesive, screws or nails: a simple, elegant and durable solution.

Advantages using BASEBOARD BA

The slightly rounded edges seal the baseboard onto the floor covering. The protruding lip on the bottom of the profile conceals the perimeter movement joint.

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  • Baseboard BA-A in High-resistance Anodized, Varnished or Wood Effect

    Aluminum baseboard with good anti-oxidation characteristics and resistance to mechanical impacts.Available with Anodized surface in Silver without Adhesive (ASN), Self-adhesive Silver (ASA) or Titanium (AT) finishes.Surface painted in the colors Matt White (AM11) or with Embossed Micaceous (A50) or Corten (A60) variant.High resistance wood effect surface in the finishes Oak (ATRON), Bleached Oak (ATRSN), Teak (ATTKN), and Wengè (ATWEN).

    Sezione Tecnica Battiscopa BA A Profilitec
    Art. Finishing Variant pcs
    BA 600 AT Anodized Titanium 1
    BA 600 A50 Embossed Powder Coated Embossed Micaceous Grey 1
    BA 600 A60 Embossed Powder Coated Embossed Corten 1
    BA 600 ATRSN High Resistence Wood effect Bleached 1
    BA 600 ATWEN High Resistence Wood effect Wengé 1
    BA 600 ATTKN High Resistence Wood effect Teak 1
    BA 600 ATRON High Resistence Wood effect Oak 1
    BA 600 AM11 Powder Coated Pure White 1

    Baseboard BA-I in stainless steel AISI 304 DIN. 1.4301 Polished, Brushed or Sanded

    Skirting board in AISI 304 stainless steel, in line with modern minimalist trends in design and furnishings, also ensures excellent resistance to corrosion.It is ideal in the food, hospital and chemical sector.Available in the version Glossy without Adhesive (ILN) and with Adhesive (ILA), Brushed without Adhesive (ISN) and with Adhesive (ISA) and Sandblasted (IX).Available in plastic corners and caps in stainless steel color: internal (BAI), external (BAE), terminal (BAT).

    Sezione Tecnica Battiscopa BA I Profilitec
    Art. Finishing pcs
    BA 600 IX Sanded 1