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PLANO BF design skirting board integrated into the wall.

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PLANO BF design skirting board integrated into the wall.

Patented Plano Design baseboards are designed to fully integrate into the wall, becoming a smooth, level transition between the wall and floor covering. The base track is installed into the wall structure, flush with the plaster or drywall; the finishing profile seamlessly interlocks into the base. A horizontal, 3/16'' (5mm) gap between the wall and finishing profile is a distinctive design element that also adapts to floor level differences of up to 3/16'' (5mm). Plano Design, a modern design system.


The profiles are available in three finishes that coordinate with all interior designs: powder-coated aluminum to match with wall colors, anodized aluminum for modern and technical settings, and wood to match existing wood flooring.


INSTALLATION: Please note: The structural base profile is installed along with the wall covering. The bottom of the profile should be installed at the same level of the finished floor. The finishing profile (BF 550) is installed after the floor installation is complete, compensating level difference of up to 3/16'' (5mm).

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