trimtec TR

TRIMTEC TR: multipurpose profiles in different materials

TRIMTEC TR: multipurpose profiles in different materials

TRIMTEC TR is a complete range of brass, aluminium and stainless steel trim profiles designed for fast and efficient installation of any flooring type, regardless of size and thickness. TRIMTEC TR is available in various heights from 2 to 30 mm, matching different tile thicknesses. In the aluminium and brass versions, a dovetail groove maximizes the grout grip and edge protection for both vertical and horizontal tile laying. TRIMTEC TR profiles are conceived for tile laying, but can also be used with other types of flooring such as stone, wood and industrial resin floors. TRIMTEC TR profiles are mainly used as transition trims between two types of flooring (for example between tiling and moquetteing) and as expansion joints when two lengths are laid side by side. They can also be used as trimming for ceramic skirtings and as edge protection for any floor thickness. In some cases the profiles may be used as entrance mat framing.

TRIMTEC TR Curveline: the bendable version of the TR

TRIMTEC TR series is also available with a specially-cut flange that allows shaping for curved edges and inlays. To order: add the letter D to the product code.

TRIMTEC TR how to install

1) Choose the trim size according to the tile thickness. The trim should be 0.5+/-1mm lower than the tile, therefore not exceeding the height of the tile. 2) Apply tile adhesive. 3) Cut the profile to required length, leaving extra space for linear expansion. The perforated flange of the trim is then firmly embedded into the adhesive and aligned. 4) Trowel an additional layer of adhesive over the perforations in the profile and in the dovetail groove of the vertical section. 5) Leave a tiny gap of approximately 0.5+/-2mm between the trim and the tile for final grouting.

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