multiclip CLS

MULTICLIP CLS stair nosing after installation

Profili per gradini Multiclip CLS 250 AC Profilitec

MULTICLIP CLS stair nosing after installation

Patented MULTICLIP® stair nosing able to complete the edge of the step, even with the same material as the covering, making it more visible and improving its durability. It protects the edges of the steps from scratches and masks any cutting defects and inaccuracies.

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  • Multiclip CLS-A in Aluminum Anodized or Wood effect

    Stainless steel profile, ensures excellent corrosion resistance, making it ideal for the food, hospital and chemical sectors. Available in Polished, Brushed or Sanded finish. The sanded finish creates a surface with greater resistance to knocks and scratches, with a valuable matt aesthetic effect.

    Sezione Tecnica Profili per gradini Multiclip CLS 250 Profilitec
    H = mm Art. Finishing Variant pcs
    6-20 CLS 250 AS Anodized Silver 1
    6-20 CLS 250 AO Anodized Gold 1
    6-20 CLS 250 AB Anodized Bronze 1
    6-20 CLS 250 RO High Resistence Wood effect Oak 1
    6-20 CLS 250 CI High Resistence Wood effect Cherry 1
    6-20 CLS 250 RS High Resistence Wood effect Bleached 1
    6-20 CLS 250 NC High Resistence Wood effect Light Walnut 1
    6-20 CLS 250 AC High Resistence Wood effect Maple 1
    6-20 CLS 250 NS High Resistence Wood effect Dark Walnut 1
    6-20 CLS 250 FA High Resistence Wood effect Beechwood 1
    6-20 CLS 250 WE High Resistence Wood effect Wengé 1