Coflex CA

COFLEX CA joints in synthetic material

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COFLEX CA joints in synthetic material

Conceived to subdivide large tile bays, COFLEX CA movement joints in co-extruded synthetic resin are composed of rigid, perforated anchoring flanges and a durable, soft upper surface which is resistant to mildew, bacteria, weathering, corrosion, wear and UV rays. Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications; the profile section provides limited protection to the tile edge. Ideally used in retail shops, hotels, sports facilities and schools. Suggested floor bays: 16m2.

How to install joints COFLEX CA

INSTALLATION: • Select the profile according to the tile thickness. The movement joint should remain 5 +/- 1mm below the floor elevation. • Apply tile adhesive to the substrate. • Position the movement joint in correspondence with the expansion joints in the underlying substrate. • Lay tiles flush against the perforated flanges. • Completely fill the residual space between the profile and tile with grout.

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