Coflex CKM

COFLEX CKM expansion joints for mortar bed.

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COFLEX CKM expansion joints for mortar bed.

COFLEX CKM technical sliding expansion joints are conceived for thick-set installations. Two metal sides interlock and slide with an internal gap of +/- 2mm, redistributing differential movement due to material compression and expansion. It offers durability and high resistance to vertical loads with a modern design. The profile is to be assembled on site; the gap between the metal sides must be infilled with rubber foam strips. Ideally used in retail shops, hotels, sports facilities and schools. Suggested floor bays: 16 - 25m2.

How to install joints COFLEX CKM

INSTALLATION: • Immediately prior to installation, assemble the two metal sides with the provided rubber foam strips. • Align and position the expansion joint in the mortar bed. • Lay the tiles as normal. • Level the tile and profile joint. • Completely fill the residual space between the profile and tile with grout.

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