Coflex CMB

COFLEX CMB modular joint for mortar bed

COFLEX CMB modular joint for mortar bed

COFLEX CMB is a modular, mortar bed expansion joint: a co-extruded wide-flanged base profile which is interlocked with COFLEX CM modular clips that adapt the profile to almost any height. The profile is conceived to subdivide the mortar bed into bays according to the underlying slab. As the wide flanges securely position the profile, it can also be used as formwork.

Modular joints system COFLEX CMB

The co-extruded base profile is composed of two synthetic resins. The base flanges are in made of rigid Resil while the central joints are in a softer Resinflex. The system can be easily adapted to almost any height by interlocking the modular COFLEX CM clips: minimum height of 30mm, with vertical clicks at 15 - 20mm intervals. The COFLEX CMB modular, mortar bed expansion joint should be used with an additional expansion joint at the tile floor level, such as a COFLEX CA profile, to allow differential movement and prevent tile cracking and tenting.

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