Jointec GS

JOINTEC GS modular structural joints with large widths

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JOINTEC GS modular structural joints with large widths

JOINTEC GS structural profiles are wide, modular expansion joints designed according to seismic code requirements in high risk areas. Although the considerable widths of the profile reduces its load resistance, they are suitable for pedestrian traffic and hand trolleys such as stretchers or shopping carts. Installed in the interstitial space between two sections of a building or between two bays, this technical joint links interspaces, moving horizontally and vertically to accommodate a building’s structural and material settlement.

When JOINTEC GS structural joints are necessary

Designed to withstand structural movements of large or compound buildings. They must be installed at the spaces existing between two semi-attached parts making up the same building or between two different spans. They are able to connect these spaces allowing vertical, horizontal and transversal movements, depending on the settlements of the building, be they cyclic or permanent.

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