Structural floor joints

These are essential products for maintaining the health of a building structure. They are much more technical products, generally in aluminum or steel, of larger dimensions. You can select the joint that best suits your needs by choosing from a wide range of shapes and sizes and technical characteristics.
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Giunti Jointec GE AN 23 Profilitec

Jointec GE

JOINTEC GE aluminium sliding structural joints

Giunti Jointec GEL AN 51 Profilitec

Jointec GEL

Structural joints in aluminium with rubber insert: JOINTEC GEL

Giunti Jointec GR AN 51 Profilitec

Jointec GR

Structural modular joints JOINTEC GR

Giunti Jointec GRL AN 23 Profilitec

Jointec GRL

JOINTEC GRL modular structural joints

Giunti Jointec GRM AN 51 Profilitec

Jointec GRM

JOINTEC GRM modular structural joints in metal and rubber

Giunti Jointec GM IL Profilitec

Jointec GM

JOINTEC GM modular structural joints in brass or aluminium

Giunti Jointec GML AN 23 Profilitec

Jointec GML

JOINTEC GML structural joints

Giunti Jointec GAL AN Profilitec

Jointec GAL

JOINTEC GAL aluminium sliding structural joints

Giunti Jointec GALP 500 AN Profilitec

Jointec GALP

JOUNTEC GALP structural joints with expansion

Giunti Jointec GA 500 AN Profilitec

Jointec GA

JOINTEC GA structural and expansion joints

Giunti Jointec GAP AN Profilitec

Jointec GAP

JOINTEC GAP structural and expansion joints

Giunti Jointec GAD AN Profilitec

Jointec GAD

JOINTEC GAD structural floor joints

Giunti Jointec GADP AN Profilitec

Jointec GADP

JOINTEC GADP structural joints in aluminium

Giunti Jointec GH AN Profilitec

Jointec GH

JOINTEC GH joints with aluminium structure

Giunti Jointec GS AN Profilitec

Jointec GS

JOINTEC GS modular structural joints with large widths

Giunti Jointec GAS AN Profilitec

Jointec GAS

GAS: joint between screed and floor

Giunti Jointec GEP AN 51 Profilitec

Jointec GEP

JOINTEC GEP angular version upward anchoring of GE joints

Giunti Jointec GELP AN 23 Profilitec

Jointec GELP

JOINTEC GELP angular version upward anchoring of GEL joints

Giunti Jointec GMP AN 23 Profilitec

Jointec GMP

JOINTEC GMP angular version upward anchoring of GM joints

Giunti Jointec GMLP AN 51 Profilitec

Jointec GMLP

JOINTEC GMLP angular version upward anchoring of GML joints

Giunti Jointec GDP AN 51 Profilitec

Jointec GDP

JOINTEC GDP angular version of the downward anchoring of the GEP joints

Giunti Jointec GDLP AN 23 Profilitec

Jointec GDLP

JOINTEC GDLP angular version downward anchoring of GELP joints

Giunti Jointec GD 400 A51 Profilitec

Jointec GD

JOINTEC GD joints with supporting structure in aluminium and rubber

Giunti Jointec GDL AN 23 Profilitec

Jointec GDL

JOINTEC GDL joints with supporting structure in aluminium and rubber

Giunti Jointec GDM 860 AN51 Profilitec

Jointec GDM

JOINTEC GDM structural joints in aluminium and rubber

What are structural floor joints

They have come, which must be foreseen during the design phase and which, as the name implies, go to openings created in the structure of the building. These joints must be made to allow the natural expansions of the structure, thus avoiding the occurrence of fractures in the same, and to avoid seismic damage. The profiles must concern the flooring and its screed, in all its thickness, and their width must be equal to the width of the fracture specifically created in the structure.

Which structural joint to choose

The range is very wide, and can be divided into two macro families: the one with joints entirely in aluminum for the important transit of accidental loads such as cars, trucks, transpallets, some examples are the Jointec GA or GAL; the other family consists of profiles with lateral parts made of aluminum or steel and the central part in interchangeable EPDM. These joints should be used in the event that excellent mechanical properties, resistance to abrasion and extreme temperatures are required, ideal for intense pedestrian crossings, such as in shopping centers, and cars. Jointec GE, GR, GRM couplings and many others are part of this series.Another interesting profile is the Jointec GW, a highly technical waterproof seal profile, made of solid steel, with anti-vibration rubber, continuous stabilized rubber and waterproofing insert.