Oct 10, 2019


A "green" building in the heart of New York


A skyscraper on 44th street of the Big Apple, signed by the ODA study 

Large metropolises in the modern world are characterized by their large buildings and skyscrapers. Green space is limited and buildings are often constructed in each other’s shadows. ODA Architects has proposed a new way to carve out small, private yards in urban centers, already emerging in the heart of New York City. 
The architects’ idea is to realize a skyscraper which is interrupted every two floors by an entire floor allocated to green space. With a height of five meters, the ‘green slots’ will be gardens in their own right, accessible to every resident, allowing them to relax and breathe fresh air. The gardens will have lawns, common and tropical plants and small gathering areas. 

A forty-one-story skyscraper between apartments and commercial spaces

The project is designed as a 182-meter skyscraper with 41 floors varying from luxury real estate to offices and commercial spaces. Despite the apartments being on the high end of the market, the architects have many other projects based on the same concept currently under construction. 
As we stop to admire the New York skyline, ODA’s new garden skyscraper will soon be visible in midtown Manhattan. 



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Sep 19, 2019


Oct 17, 2019

The house of Infinte, by Alberto Campo Baeza