Feb 4, 2019


Uptec: the pedestal for raised floor

Why choose a raised floor?

The installation of raised floors offers advantages that go beyond simple, aesthetic functions. They are, in fact, ideal for concealing pipes and electrical systems while they also facilitate the drainage of rainwater and offer resistance to heavier loads. Additionally, accessibility to the underlying void makes the system versatile and safe. Uptec is perfect for outdoor raised floors such as terraces, gardens, pool decks, verandas and public spaces.

Uptec laying system advantages

The revolution 3 in 1

Uptec is a universal, adjustable pedestal for outdoor raised floor installations, specifically indicated for 2 cm ceramic tile.

Uptec launches the 3-in-1 revolution, 3 articles (3 base codes: SUPAL, SUPAS and SUPAR) in only one system.

The three products work seamlessly with 3 accessories (3 codes: SUPA2, SUPA4 and SUPAW) designed for standard installations (2 mm and 4 mm tile joints) or for wood and aluminum joists.

Uptec laying system components

Uptec SUPAL | LOW Support

SUPAL, a fixed pedestal conceived for low floor heights of up to 43 mm.

Uptec SUPAS | Standard support

SUPAS a standard, unparalleled pedestal which easily adapts to a wide range of installation needs, allowing the floor to be raised from 43 mm to a maximum height of 58 mm.

Uptec SUPAR | Ring

SUPAR, a stackable, modular ring with which the pedestal height can be further increased, bringing all installation dreams to life.

Uptec system

The innovation at the root of the Uptec system is not only limited to its components, in fact it also involves its functional details. Typically, traditional raised floors force the installer to use two different products for fixed head and self-leveling pedestals.

Profilitec has solved this problem by designing Uptec with a system composed of a locking disc inserted inside the pedestal which lets the installer automatically switch from fixed head mode to self-leveling mode without needing to buy separate products.

Why choose Uptec?

The UPTEC solution developed by Profilitec is based on 3 main points:


For the installer:

Fast and easy product assemblage.
Low risk of having to stop work on site: keeping modular rings on hand reduces mistakes and prevents having to pause installation.
Few elements to manage on site: leaner logistics (other systems would require buying a different product for each height, resulting in cluttered boxes, which can be problematic in small spaces). With the UPTEC system, on the other hand, you can reach the desired height just by stacking the number of rings necessary.


For the designer:

Fast solutions to implement: optimized timing across the entire process.
The designer no longer needs to worry about resolving different floor heights. The modular system allows everything to be managed right on site.
The UPTEC system is easy to understand and explain, even for those used to other systems.



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