Nov 3, 2020

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The modern clothes hanger thats suits every bathroom

The modern clothes hanger thats suits every bathroom

The wall coat hanger with a modern design for a stylish environment

Choosing the right wall coat hanger for the style of your home is not an easy task. There are thousands of solutions today. From the modern and trendy ones, to the more classic and traditional ones. Let's see them all in detail.

Design solutions among the wall hangers, how are they divided?

The role of the coat hanger nowadays has changed compared to a few years ago. Until the 90s it was considered only for its functionality, today it is the aesthetic aspect that has greater importance.

The search for design solutions among wall hangers is constantly increasing. The modern and minimal piece of furniture is suitable for the large and open spaces that characterize current homes.

The hangers that we can find between the walls of the home and office can be very different depending on functionality, materials (wood, steel, aluminum, plastic) and the environment (entrance, bedroom, bathroom, living area) in which they are positioned.

As you can imagine, these characteristics almost always depend on each other.

Choose the right coat hanger for the environment

Choosing the right piece of furniture must adapt to the style of the surrounding environment. The material is the first factor to consider. You can't think of installing a wooden hanger in a bathroom: humidity would risk affecting the properties of the material. Another aspect to consider is the resistance. In an entrance, a plastic hanger will hardly be able to support the weight of coats and jackets, a more resistant material will be needed.

Hanger for entry and living room

The entrance areas and the living room of a home are the most used and most frequented areas (even by the guests of the house) and the choice of the right hanger is not easy. There are an infinite number of models with particularities and characteristics of different kinds, from simple and elegant shapes to the most extravagant silhouettes for those looking for something original and of great visual impact.

The only limitation for the hangers in the living area concerns the material. The clothes that hang more in these cases are heavy weight jackets and coats, therefore we recommend the use of aluminum and wood hangers, limiting the use of plastic, much less resistant and more delicate.

Hanger for the bedroom

Plastic, on the other hand, has properties that guarantee limited resistance, consequently it is more suitable for use in bedrooms and study areas. The wide availability of colored models makes the wall hangers the ideal piece of furniture also for the children's room.

They are also an excellent solution for those who, on a limited budget, want to obtain excellent functional and aesthetic results in a short time. In fact, plastic hangers are considered the quickest and easiest to install because they are already supplied with suction cups or self-adhesive strips.

Hanger for the bathroom

The hangers for the bathroom are accessories with great limitations regarding the material, this does not deny the fact that they guarantee greater possibilities of application unlike the previous ones.

The safest material to use in this area is steel, which is corrosion resistant but much coarser and more complicated to decorate with different types of finishes. The most commonly used solution as a bathroom hanger, however, is aluminum. Thanks to the anodizing process it can be decorated with a multitude of different finishes. It is also very versatile because it can be cut with extrusion techniques that guarantee greater geometric precision.

3 types of wall hangers for the bathroom

The bathroom hangers are divided into 3 different categories:

  • The suction cup hangers: An economical and low resistance solution but ideal for towels and other bathroom accessories;

  • The self-adhesive coat hangers: comparable to the "suction cup" types but with moderate resistance. They are reliable, economical and aesthetically highly appreciated solutions thanks to the wide choice of shapes, sizes and finishes;

  • The hangers to fix: the most robust and durable. Appendo is the perfect example: it is fixed to the wall with the use of screws and plugs before laying the ceramic tile. The height of the hook is also flexible, making it suitable for both adults and children. The result is minimalist, elegant and extremely decorative. The best solution among all the wall hangers because it is the most resistant. The weight of towels and bathrobes does not affect its solidity, enhancing its characteristics.

Anodized aluminum for maximum aesthetic value

The best-selling wall hangers are made of anodized aluminum, why?

Although aluminum has lower resistance to water and corrosion than steel, it can be used in certain bathroom applications. The important thing is that it is not applied inside shower areas where the water flow is direct and constant.

It is precisely the anodic oxidation process that makes aluminum suitable for the bathroom environment, as it consists in the formation of a layer of oxide on the surface which guarantees greater resistance.

Aesthetic value is another feature that makes this material an extremely advantageous solution. The aluminum subjected to anodizing processes can be subsequently polished, brushed and decorated with a wide choice of finishes. Furthermore, the great advantage that differentiates it from steel is the geometric precision with which modern and elegant shapes can be created in trend with architectural styles.

This is why aluminum was chosen as the only material for the Appendo coat hanger, to have the highest quality.

Available finishes of the coat hanger profiles

Appendo, the high design coat hanger profile, boasts 3 different finishes to best adapt to the style of the surrounding environment.

  • Chromed aluminum: a finish that gives impeccable shine, reflections and shades;
  • The silver sandblasted polished aluminum: a finish of great aesthetic originality due to the sandblasting process that softens the colors making the coat hanger ideal for almost any type of bathroom;
  • Champagne sanded aluminum: the hanger, thanks to the warm tones of this finish, finds its maximum expression in combination with traditional style.

The perfect combinations to make your bathroom unique

The wall coat hanger is just one of the many accessories that can characterize the different areas of the house.

For a bathroom, the combination of a modern coat hanger with a decorative strip (es. listello) would increase its aesthetic effect in an exemplary way.

The Listec LI15 strip, for example, offers multiple possibilities, enjoying a wide range of treatments and finishes including the glitter effect, for bathrooms with more sophisticated and original features.

Another idea to complete the color coordination of your bathroom concerns the linear drains for the shower area. Showertec Linear is an innovative drainage system equipped with grates that can be easily combined with the other accessories in the surrounding area thanks to the numerous finishes

At this point, you just need to decide where to position the hanger and which finish would be better?

If you are asking yourself this question, ask an expert for advice or if you already have clear ideas, request a quotation from the product sheet.


Find out how easy it is to install Appendo, watch the video:



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