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Reasons why you should go for a barrier-free shower

Reasons why you should go for a barrier-free shower

In the last few years, the bathroom has become increasingly important within the home, becoming a real wellness area. We are looking for larger spaces, minimal furnishings, decorated tiles combined with relaxing colors. Along with all this, the barrier-free shower has made its way with great success. Despite the initial perplexities over the years, numerous advantages have been highlighted, let's see them together.

Types of shower trays

Countertop shower tray

The countertop shower tray is the one used in classic showers, which consist of a preformed ceramic or fiberglass tray with raised edges installed on the existing floor. The surface of the shower tray is made already sloping to allow the correct flow of water towards the drain. Although once this type of shower enclosure was the most used, today it has become a functional obstacle and is less and less appreciated on an aesthetic level.

Built-in shower tray

The built-in shower tray is a solution that is halfway between the previous one and the one flush with the floor. The installation of this type of box must be planned during the construction phase as it must be inserted directly into the screed. This solution has a good aesthetic impact even if the type of installation creates a thin step at the floor level.

barrier-free shower tray

The barrier-free shower tray, on the other hand, allows you to create a continuous environment easy to clean and with an incredible aesthetic impact. It is ideal in case of disabilities and the absence of obstacles makes it an easily accessible space, easy to clean and sanitize. Now let's talk about that. 


The advantages of a barrier free shower

Making a barrier-free shower can bring numerous advantages:

  • Cheapness: By installing a barrier-free shower, costs are significantly lower than installing a normal shower enclosure. Especially now that the formats have expanded and increasingly larger showers are being created, opting for the floor level allows you to bear the cost of the dreinage system and floor covering only, without additional cost.
  • Aesthetics: The simple and minimalist shower space makes the environment larger and modern, creating continuity and visual lightness ideal for the bathroom.
  • Adaptability: Being a system that does not include pre-formed elements (other than the channel), it allows you to create a shower area of the size and shape you prefer.
  • Personalization: The grids of the linear drain, as in the case of the Showertec Linear STL range, have a wide range of finishes for AISI 316 stainless steel and special “ALU plus” Aluminum. Also available tileable, with containment tray and with optional matching frames .
  • Hygiene: The barrier-free shower, creating a continuous and unobstructed environment, allows the perfect cleaning of the floor surfaces without annoying dirt residues along the edges of the shower.
  • Inspection: The grid of the linear channels is easily removable and allows you to inspect the internal surface of the drains and remove any residues or hair.

How the Showertec Linear STL barrier-free shower is made

The Showertec Linear STL barrier-free showers consists of various elements

The three types of channel body of the Showertec Linear STL line

At the base of the system there is a drainage channel for the water outflow. Made of AISI 316 Stainless Steel, it is available with horizontal drain in the 'LOW' (H = 56 mm) or 'STANDARD' (H = 73 mm) version, or with the simple vertical drain. The horizontal drain version includes an innovative polypropylene siphon that allows the perfect water flow.

All versions have a flange to which the Foiltec waterproofing membrane has been pre-glued, ideal for preventing any infiltration after installation.

On the upper part of the drain pipe, where the water flows, a practical hair filter has been studied that is easily removable and cleanable in order to avoid clogging due to hair or possible external residues.

Along the surface of the three channels there are Steel islands that allow the water to flow more smoothly towards the drain pipe.These islands also serve as a support for the grid structure calledCover”.

Wide range of finishes for the Showertec Linear STL shower cover  

To complete the installation of the Showertec Linear STL linear drains, you can choose from a wide range of covers with a modern and minimalist design. In order to satisfy every need, the covers are available in numerous shapes, materials and finishes:

- The cover of the 'invisible' version consists of a special tileable support that allows you to create a drain with an invisible effect, giving continuity to the environment.  
If, on the other hand, you prefer to give a touch of light, the tileable cover with the internal frame allows you to create a tiled channel of the same material as the floor but with a thin surround frame in AISI 316 stainless steel.

- The decorative covers are made in a wide range of finishes for AISI 316 stainless steel and special “ALUplus” Aluminum. The wide range available allows to satisfy all needs: from the classic lines in the gray and glossy tones of Steel and Silver, to the modern look of the Black and Matt finishes. From the oriental polished and brushed Gold to the retro tones of Copper, up to the new and popular Pink Gold.

- The cover must simply rest on the channel body and is supported by a series of adjustable height feet so that it can be perfectly aligned at the level of the flooring. When necessary, the cover can be simply lifted to easily clean the hair clip filter and the underlying channel body. The decorative covers are interchangeable.

Optional shower frames Showertec Linear STL

An optional element with an incredible aesthetic impact, the external frame for the Showertec Linear STL linear drains is available in the same materials and finishes of the decorative covers. The frames must be applied externally to the cover, around the water drainage slot, and they are supplied with special supports for an easy and precise installation.

The frame is also available in the 'WALL FRAME' version, flush with the wall.

Showertec Linear STL optional shower trays

The waterproof trays from the Showertec Linear STL line are ideal for speeding up processing times. In fact, being sloped at 2%, they can be replaced with the screed thus shortening installation times. The trays are available in different sizes, which can be easily reduced with the cutter or can be extended by adding extensions or sloping ramps.

If greater height is required, special raised panels are also available, which can also be easily shaped with the cutter.

The sloped waterproof trays are compatible with the Showertec Linear STL line.

If you want to consult other products for showers and drainage you can take a look at our Showertec STC shower system with central drain supplied in practical KITs, the innovative Foiltec waterproofing membranes or the modern KPV shower profiles ideal for installing linear showers.


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